​​ECA provides services through two separate programs - Early Intervention (children from birth to 3) and CPSE (children 3-5 years old) - for families in the Bronx and Manhattan.

Our specialists include child psychologists, early childhood educators, physical, occupational and speech therapists, social workers and service coordinators, who work together with you to provide the services that your child needs in order to excel, such as:

  • Planning and coordination of services

  • Developmental Assessment

  • Speech/language therapy to enhance communication skills

  • Physical therapy to improve body awareness and movement

  • Occupational therapy to develop eye-hand coordination and sensory integration

  • Educational activities to stimulate learning through exploration, interaction and play

  • Child psychology and parent consultation to improve ​social adjustment and self-esteem

  • SEIT services to help improve academic development, play skills and communication, as well as the emotional and social skills necessary in preparation for Kindergarten

Our Services Help Children from Birth to Five Fulfill their Potential