​​Educational Support in the Classroom for

Preschool Children Ages 3-5

The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is a program that provides educational support services to children from 3-5 years of age, who have, or are at risk of having, a developmental disability.

Services are provided at no cost to the family of eligible children. Our CPSE programs are funded and regulated by the NYS Department of Education. Early Childhood Associate’s CPSE programs offer a full array of evaluations and services designed to maximize the full potential of each child.

Evaluation Services

Early Childhood Associates is an approved evaluation site and can provide a complete evaluation for children who are suspected of having a delay, disability, or not meeting developmental milestones.  This can also include difficulty with communication and language development, play skills, attention and focus or with delays with physical development. We have Licensed Clinicians on board to administer psychological, speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and special instruction evaluations/observations as required. The evaluation is often completed within the home, with family members present to provide background information, as well as strengths and needs you see in your child.  The evaluation process is very child friendly and all testing will be approached in a play based manner. 

These evaluations are then submitted to the Committee on Preschool Special Education ( CPSE)  who - in conjunction with your feedback - determines eligibility and will recommend and approve the specialized services your child will need. This can include SEIT services, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Play Therapy. 

SEIT Services

SEIT services can enhance your child’s potential by improving your child’s academic development, play skills and communication, as well as the emotional and social skills necessary in preparation for Kindergarten. Early Childhood Associates is an approved New York State and New York City agency under section 4410 (1)(k) of Education Law, authorized to provide Special Education Itinerant Services (SEIT) for children ages 3-5.

A SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher) is a teacher with an advanced degree in early childhood education and learning disabilities.  SEIT services follow a special education model, whereby a New York State Certified Special Education teacher provides focused, individualized or group instruction directly to the student. These services are provided within your child's current educational setting or classroom. SEITs provide support in all areas of development including cognitive skills, communication, gross and fine motor as well as daily living skills.The role of the SEIT also includes providing Indirect Services which include consultation with the child’s classroom teacher to make adjustments to the environment and/or modify the methodology and materials, in order to meet the individual needs of the preschooler.  The goal is to provide the necessary supports so that your child can thrive and reach their full potential in the classroom.

​All of our SEITs at Early Childhood Associates are appropriately certified with Masters Degrees in Special Education, and experience with the SEIT model. We also provide ongoing supervision and training throughout the year.

The Process

How do I request an evaluation for my child?

Parents must contact their school district's Special Education department and explain your specific areas of concern; ie: communication/speech, cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, socialization. The school district personnel will then provide a list of agencies that can provide evaluations. Upon receipt of the packet, you will receive an approval letter which allows you to choose an approved evaluation site. Early Childhood Associates is an approved evaluation site and can provide a complete evaluation for your child. 

If a child is currently receiving services through the NYC Early Intervention Program and is over two years old, your EI Service Coordinator can assist with the referral to CPSE.

What can I expect during the evaluation process?

The evaluation is often completed within the home, with family members present to provide background information, as well as strengths and needs you see in your child. If your child is attending a Daycare or Preschool, the Educational Evaluation will be conducted at the school or center. Your child will be evaluated by a CPSE team of therapists. The Psychologist will conduct the first evaluation, and then typically a Special Education Teacher, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist may conduct additional assessments, based on the recommendation of the Psychologist and the concerns of the parent.

After the evaluation is complete, the Evaluation Coordinator will provide feedback to the family regarding impressions of the child's strengths and challenges. Evaluators are not able to state whether the child is eligible or not. Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive the written evaluation(s), including test results and recommendations. These reports are also sent to the school district administrator who will then schedule a meeting to discuss eligibility. 

What can I expect at a CPSE meeting?

The family member(s), CPSE chairperson,  regular education teacher, special education and evaluation representative will be present to discuss the results of the evaluations. If eligible, an appropriate level and frequency of service will be discussed. CPSE administrators will determine eligibility based on the results of the testing and the specific needs of the child.

How do I get services for my child?

Early Childhood Associates is an approved agency that provides SEIT services for children ages 3-5. These children have been approved by the Committee on Special Education (CPSE), to receive educational support in their classroom. The SEIT will provide individualized support to your child, based on their specific goals. If your child is approved for Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapy, those services will be assigned through the CPSE Related Services Administrator.